Accepted papers

Main Track:

Anchor: An NDN-based Blockchain Network
Yu, Shucheng (Stevens Institute of Technology); Ahmed, Noor (Air Force Research Laboratory); Wang, Ruiran (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Concealed Communication in Online Social Networks
Schillinger, Fabian (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitatea Freiburg); Schindelhauer, Christian (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitatea Freiburg)

PUF Based Challenge-Response Protocol for Secure Wireless Sensor Networks
Nyangaresi, Vincent (Tom Mboya University College)

Recent Advances in the Web PKI and the Technical Challenges in SCMS
Wu, Yunkun (Legendsec Information Technology (Beijing) Inc., China); Lin, Jingqiang (School of Cyber Security, University of Science and Technology of China); Zhang, Xiaokun (Academy of Opto-Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Teng, Yajun (State Key Laboratory of Information Security, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Huang, Liang (Legendsec Information Technology (Beijing) Inc., China); Liu, Zhenya (School of Cyber Security, University of Science and Technology of China); Bao, Xuhua (Legendsec Information Technology (Beijing) Inc., China)

MobiWear: A Plausibly Deniable Encryption System for Wearable Mobile Devices
Chen, Niusen (Michigan Technological University); Chen, Bo (Department of Computer Science, Michigan Technological University); Shi, Weisong (Wayne State University)

Efficient and Private Divisible Double Auction in Trusted Execution Environment
Liu, Bingyu (Illinois Institute of Technology); Xie, Shangyu (Illinois Institute of Technology); Hong, Yuan (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Parallel Implementation and Optimization of SM4 Based on CUDA
Li, Jun (China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team); Xie, Wenbo (Guilin University of Electronic Technology); Li, Lingchen (Guilin University of Electronic Technology); Wu, Xiaonian (Guilin University of Electronic Technology)

An Identity-Based Blind Signature and its Application for Privacy Protection in Bitcoin
Chen, Yitao (Wuhan Maritime Communication Research Institute); Feng, Qi (Wuhan University); Luo, Min   (Wuhan University); Li, Li (Wuhan University); He, Debiao (School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University,)

Another Algebraic Decomposition Method for Masked Implementation
Hirose, Shoichi (University of Fukui)

IOTS Workshop:

Robust Semi-Quantum Private Comparison Protocols Against Collective Noises with Decoherence-Free States
Tang, Yi-Han (Central Universit of Finance and Economics); Jia, Hengyue (Central University of Finance and Economics); Chen, Hui-Min (Central University of Finance and Economics); Wu, Xia (Central University of Finance and Economics)

A Thieves Identification Scheme for Prepaid Systems in Smart Grids
Sui, Zhiyuan (Central University of Finance and Economics); Jia, Hengyue (Central University of Finance and Economics); Chen, Fu (Central University of Finance and Economics); Zhu, Jianming (Central University of Finance and Economics)

Using Smart Contracts to Improve Searchable Symmetric Encryption
Yanbing, Wu (Tsinghua); Keting, Jia (Tsinghua)

A Novel Approach for Code Smells Detection Based on Deep Leaning
Lin, Tao (Amazon); Chen, Fu (Central University of Finance and Economics); Li, Luqun (Shanghai Normal University); Fu, Xue (Shanghai Normal University)

Towards the Adaptability of Traffic-based IoT Security Management Systems to the Device Behavior Evolutions
Duan, Chenxin (Tsinghua University); Han, Dongqi (Tsinghua University); Fan, Linna (Tsinghua University); Zhang, Shize (Tsinghua University); Yang, Jiahai (Tsinghua University); Wang, Zhiliang (Tsinghua University)

IoT Security Situational Awareness based on Q-Learning and Bayesian Game
Liu, Tianying (Central University of Finance and Economics); Li, Yang (Central University of Finance and Economics)

Late Track:

A security enhanced key management service for ARM Pointer Authentication
Fei Yan (School of Computer, Wuhan University); Qingsong Chen (Wuhan University); Liqiang Zhang (Wuhan University)

Blockchain-based Sealed-Bid Domain Name Auction Protocol
Genhua Lu (Zhejiang Gongshang University); Yi Zhang (Zhejiang Gongshang University); Zhongxiang Lu (Zhejiang Gongshang University); Jun Shao (Zhejiang Gongshang University); Guiyi Wei (Zhejiang Gongshang University)

Privacy-preserving ECC-based Three-factor Authentication Protocol for Smart Remote Vehicle Control System
Hongwei Luo (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Qinyao Zhang Beijing (University of Posts and Telecommunications); Guoai Xu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)